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A new service...

Looking for some good quality second hand uniforms? Here is the Facebook page link to our (new) second hand school uniform shop. Many thanks to our busy band of parents who have come up with this idea and are running it.


Recycling mobile phones

Did you know that after rainfall 69% of NZ’s rivers are deemed unsafe for swimming due to contamination?

With statistics like this the Mobile Phone Appeal is pleased to announce 'Sustainable Coastlines' as their new charity for the Mobile Phone Appeal. After $2.5 million was donated to Starship Foundation it is sad for them to end their partnership with Starship, however it's very exciting a new award winning NZ charity will be the beneficiary of Mobile Phone Recycling. 

That means it's time again to rummage through draws and toy boxes and bring into school any unwanted mobile phones you may have. Phones collected help our school gain valuable rewards and the environment benefits from by keeping our landfills free of mobile phones and their toxic array of hazardous toxic substances.

Please drop any unwanted mobile phones you may have in the collection box in the school office reception area. Thanks!

SNBS Prefects




Quick Working Bee

Sunday 24th JULY 10:30 am

Before the term starts, I would like to have a quick working bee to tidy up the accumulated rubbish that used to be behind our fence by the estuary. We now have a lovely new fence which we can see the vegetation through (and rubbish) so would like to clean this up.  Bring gloves, should only be for an hour only.  Many thanks. John


Board of Trustee Elections

As from today (Friday 10th June) our Board of Trustees are:

Congratulations to (in alphabetical order):

  • John PEARSON
  • Mark SMITH
  • Cindy STAUDT
  • Sean WARD

Well done, we are extremely lucky to have such a range of talent, skills and interests on the Board. Our condolences to Teresa for missing out. It is always difficult when 6 stand for 5 places! It was really positive, however, that interest in the school meant we had to go to an election. It will be interesting to see how many schools weren’t in this position or only had 3 or 4 stand. We look forward to working with the new Board. - John


Anxiety: The What, Why & How

Parent information evening opportunity

Schools form our Cluster have been invited to this free evening at Queenspark School NEXT Tuesday 5th April from 7:30-9pm. Refreshments will be provided.


School sponsorship

Storer Motors

A huge thanks to Storer Motors who came to us offering sponsorship recently.  They have offered staff and community members a special offer outlined in the pdf attached. Staff have used their services and have found them fantastic, even collecting and delivering the car back to work. If you use them, please mention the school for your discount.  Hope the holidays are going well.   John






1 April 2015

TEACHERS GET EVEN - and love it!!!

Today the message went out that I was very displeased about the amount of rubbish left around the school and an ‘Emu Parade’ was to be held at morning tea and in all likelihood it would take all break. After the whole school met out on the court and the students were spoken to by various staff, the maps of the areas were revealed, only to spell out ‘APRIL FOOL!!!’  The silence as it slowly sunk in and the ensuing rumble of noise was very satisfying. As explained to them, teachers every year have to put up with pranks all morning, and it was satisfying to get one back! After the break, I came back to my office to find my chairs had all disappeared. Good one Wave Riders! - John

23 March 2015

A HUGE congratulations to the SNBS 'Kids Lit Quiz' team who just won the Canterbury Competition ahead of 64 other schools!!!! Well done Maddison, Ned, Noah and Grace and of course their tutors / teachers Lynette and Catherine. They have all just been in my office and I've never seen such an excited group! All the best at the Nationals in Wellington! We are very proud of you all!!!!! Johnl




Helping children with trauma.


Also see Parent Support Post Earthquake under 'Welcome'